Masters Worlds Update – 13 October

Congratulations to all of our World Championships competitors. Some amazing results were posted:
Gold: 5, Silver: 2, Bronze: 6

1: Jeromy Cottell, Scratch Race, 35-39
1: Larry Nolan, Points Race, 55-59
1: Mark Rodamaker, Team Sprint, 65+
1: Larry Nolan, Scratch Race, 55-59
1: Larry Nolan, Individual Pursuit, 55-59
2: Mark Rodamaker, Team Pursuit, 65+
2: Jack Kelso, Team Pursuit, 65+
3: Annabell Holland, Sprint, 50+
3: Jim Turner, Sprint, 75+
3: Larry Nolan+3, Team Pursuit, 55-64
3: Annabell Holland, Team Pursuit
3: Jennifer Kalich, Team Pursuit
3: Jack Kelso, Team Sprint, 65+
5: Annabell Holland, ITT, 50-54
5: Jim Turner, ITT, 75+
6: Jennifer Kalich, Points Race, 35-44
7: Bob Cronin, Sprint, 60-64
8: Mark Altamirano, Sprint, 60-64
8: Jim Turner, Scratch Race, 75+
8: Monica Nevitt, ITT, 45-49
6: Jennifer Kalich, ITT, 35-44
11: Andrew Nevitt, Scratch Race, 50-54
11: Jack Kelso, Individual Pursuit, 65-69
13: Andrew Nevitt, Points Race, 50-54
14: Dave Maminski, Points Race, 50-54
16: Mark Altamirano, Scratch Race, 60-64

from Annabell Holland: Pretty exciting day taking the Bronze Medal in the Team Pursuit. We had never ridden together before today. Pulled out a strong first ride, learned a bit about each other and crushed it in the finals. Great ride ladies!

Annabell Holland - 3rd Team Pursuit at 2014 Masters World Championships
Jennifer Kalich, Annabell Holland, Elizabeth Heller


NCNCA New Official of the Year – Matt Martinez

This year, the NCNCA Officials Committee has selected three well-deserving individuals for recognition as Officials of the Year. Unlike in prior seasons when there was only one person honored, it was felt that special recognition should also be given to a new official and to a motor official.

Our New Official of the Year is Matt Martinez.
Our Motor Official of the Year is Ken Kimari.
Our Official of the Year is Eve Ben-Ora.

All three of these folks have consistently demonstrated motivation and talent above and beyond the normally high standards for officials of their experience. We are honored to have their services in Northern California.

Congratulations to Eve, Matt and Ken.

Mike Hardaway
Officials’ Committee Chair

Matt, has been leading the Saturday Beginner session for more than a decade, he’s a Hellyer Supervisor, racer, promoter, and a most awesome volunteer. We are all very proud to learn of his latest acknowledgement. Thanks Matt for everything!


Championships – Top 3

Be set to be amazed! Here’s the list of our 92 Hellyer cyclists who claimed the Top 3 spots at this year’s: Jr State Championships, Jr Nationals Championships, Elite State Championships, Elite Nationals Championships, Masters State Championships, Masters Nationals Championships.


Thank You – Wednesday Night Promoters

Fergus Tanaka / King Kog (4), Jay Parkhill / Roaring Mouse (3), John Simmons (2), Eliot Logan / Metromint (2), Greg Tsutaoka & the Lange Twins (2), Perry Wong / SJBC, Michael Hernandez, Daryl Hemenway & Performance Cycle Coaching, Jeromy Cottell & Specialized, Chris Rippey & Roaring Mouse, Patrick “Tree” Miller & Jonathan Racine


Hellyerville Crew @ Masters Nationals