Fall/Winter Wednesday Sessions

Program: 4:00p – 7:00p (11/2-Feb 2017) winpalace im join

Focus: Junior/U23 Structured Training Session

Weekly Wednesday training sessions for Juniors and U-23 riders. Adults who would like to work as mentors and get in an amazing workout! Contact Michael prior to sessions to be added sorry, we only have limited spaces available.

Required: County of Santa Clara Park & Rec & NCVA Waiver, (Release Form). Must be on-file or handed in at each session.

Contact: Supervisor Michael Hernandez, michaelhernandez.oakland@gmail.com roulette bet calculator online


2017 Board of Directors

Dear Hellyer Velodrome Community:

Please let us know if you would like to be considered in the upcoming elections for the 2017 NCVA Board of Directors.

The success of our velodrome is based upon growing a strong group of volunteers. Joining the Board is a great way for any of us to be involved in all of the significant behind-the-scenes work that is required to keep our velodrome running. We have both a facility and a service that is constantly improving upon itself for the good of all track cyclists that ride at Hellyer.

NCVA Election timeline:
1. Tues Nov 15, 2016: Deadline for prospective Board members to submit interest and statements.
2. November 28, 2016: Elections open.
3. Dec 2, 2016: Elections end.
4. Dec 15, 2016: New 2017 Board convenes with outgoing 2016 Board ratifying the election results.

If you are interested in running for the 2017 BOD of the NCVA, please email your name and a brief candidacy statement to me at billnighan@gmail.com. Statements should be less than 250 words and state why you would like to be on the BOD, what you can contribute, and any goals you would like to accomplish on behalf of the Hellyer community in the next year. We will collect and publish all names and statements together in an email and on the website in advance of the online election by NCVA members.

After these candidacy statements are received and posted, the NCVA Board elections will be taking place November 28-Dec 2, with the intent of the new 2017 Board election being ratified by the 2016 Board at the December 15, 2016 Board meeting.

Responsibilities of NCVA Board Members:
The Board meets monthly and has a regular flow of e-mail communication to facilitate programs at the track. Traditionally, meetings have been held the 3rd Thursday of the month, and/or we hold evening conference calls as necessary. The NCVA Board of Directors may be as few as 3 members, and as many as 11. Volunteer areas for at the Board level include finances, facilities/infrastructure, track supervising, upgrades, sponsorship, and scheduling, among other things. We are also in need of support with all things digital, like our online waiver management, and online surveys and outreach, and our website.

TO BE ELIGIBLE TO VOTE in the Board elections, you must have an NCVA waiver filled out and on file with the NCVA. Current eligible voters may be viewed at: Waiver List. If you don’t have a waiver on file, please do so prior to the start of elections.

If you are not interested in joining the Board of Directors, please consider joining a committee next year. The Board fills Committees that direct efforts and programs at Hellyer (from track scheduling, to infrastructure, to sponsorship, to upgrades) – for more information on Board Committees, please see: http://www.ridethetrack.com/board/ for general guidance. Committees may be populated with non-Board members, so please consider volunteering your time and expertise, even if you don’t wish to run for the Board. Being on a committee is a great and necessary way to be involved and get things done at Hellyer.

Please keep your eye on this email list for updates, information, and candidate statements in the near future. Please feel free to contact me or any current Board Member if you have any questions about what work on the Board entails.

Thanks again for taking part in the elections for the 2017 NCVA Board.

Best regards,

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Saturday Morning: Beginner Session

Program: 8:30a – 11:30a

Focus: Instruction on Safety, Fixed Gear Riding, Track Riding Etiquette, Velodrome Racing, and lots of practice.

The purpose of the Saturday morning sessions is to teach the basics of track riding. It is not a racing session or a serious training session. A minimal amount of fitness is necessary to complete some of the drills.

Bring: Release Form, Helmet, Cycling shoes, pedals, warm cycling clothing, a snack, water, Allen wrenches, sunscreen. If you have a track bike bring that also. roulette online per ipad

Session: details »


Wednesday Night Race – Final Standings

195: Amanda Seigle
159: Patricia Gonzalez
134: Kira Maximovich
121: Veronika Volok
61: Clarice Sayle

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M 123
171: Zach Gottesman
163: Stelios McDonald
125: Fergus Tanaka
122: Jeromy Cottell
67: Steven Tortorelli


M 3/4
111: Bill Brissman
84: Matthew Dizon
67: Kaan Badir
59: Alex Winter
40: Josh Williams

Juniors 13-14
15: Chris Bonilla
14: Tommy Lacampagne
12: Andy Wang
08: Kaito Clarke
08: Christian Olmos


Men 5
95: Javier Acosta
62: Ian Stowe
62: Gabriel Concepcion
47: Stephen Jaynathan
47: Wagner Sousa video slots on line


Men 4/5
19: Alex Winter
11: Kaan Badir
07: Brian Gokey
07: Bill Brissman
05: Leonardo Botero Angel